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  • Up to 4 players in a good old fashioned couch multiplayer;

  • 12 Exclusive and Unique Characters;

  • 7 Arenas equipped with deadly traps;

  • 15 items to boost and enhance the competitivity;

  • Fast paced Gameplay;

  • Easy to get and hard to master;

  • Visual with vibrant colors and hard lines.


Aim, pull and finish them!

Get Over Here is a fast paced battle arena game! Choose one of the 12 over the top characters and get ready to PULL and FINISH all your enemies!

Fast Paced Gameplay

A unique combination of skill and field awareness. Players must dash around dangerous arenas while avoiding getting caught by the hook gun of other players! If someone gets caught, they are likely to be owned!

Getting in the game

Fight and dismember to win, but most important: HAVE FUN! In GUTS there's no timer and you have to fight to complete your GUTS bar. When the bar is fullfilled you're ready to make a GUTS Move and dismember! You can also make an increadible combo sequence and dismember your opponent in the crazy hazards on the arena.


Couch multiplayer for up to 4 players

Pure skill - completely balanced

The only thing between you and your next killing spree is your own skills!



  • Factsheet:

Developer: Flux Game Studio

Localization: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Founding date: 2012

Game: GUTS - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show

Platforms: PC (Steam and Windows), PS4, Xbox One

Site: -


Social: Facebook Flux - Youtube - Twitter

"A crazy game in which you fight against your opponents and everybody loses lots of body parts. This is GUTS!"

- IGN Brasil

"GUTS’ most prominent appeal is the way its systems don’t simply discard the players who might not be having such a good time."

-- HardcoreGamer

"GUTS’  has really caught my attention! I could notice that Mortal Kombat is a reference for this game."

- Inside Xbox

"One of GUTS’ most prominent features, however, is how resilient the competitors on this future game show are. Despite losing precious limbs, they’ll continue battling to the bitter end"

- Playsource


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