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Game Development and Computer Games Today

History of Computer Games Development

Computer games have come quite a long way, with the first ones being developed in the 1960s. It was not until the 1970s that computer games started being commercialized and growing in popularity. However, the games were still relatively restrained due to the computers' limited capabilities at that time. The highest increase in the popularity of computer games came about in the early 90s. The increasing gamers' expectations and improved computer processing power were the leading causes of the increased popularity and number of games. Computers also became a lot more affordable, increasing the number of people who owned them and thus access to computer games.

The Current Gaming Industry

Currently, new computer games are being developed almost every day. The number of game developers working on new games or improvements of existing titles is also relatively high, a good indicator of computer games' increased demand. There have also been many advancements regarding computer hardware. Gaming computers are now capable of running even the most advanced games on the market. More and more gamers are also opting to purchase gaming computers instead of consoles.

What to Expect

Experts predict that computer gaming is likely to grow even further in the future, at a higher rate than ever before. The ever-improving gaming technologies will also ensure that gamers enjoy more advanced games and a more comprehensive array. That is especially the case regarding artificial intelligence and virtual reality, which are already being incorporated into computer games.